DUI Roadblocks

DUI Roadblocks

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DUI roadblocks and sobriety checkpoints have become increasingly common in South Florida in recent years.  The use of  drunk driving roadblocks is tempting to law enforcement because it enables them to confront a large number of drivers in a short period of time without having to worry about whether or not there was probable cause to stop a driver in order to initiate a DUI investigation.  Stopping at a sobriety checkpoint of DUI checkpoint is required and is not voluntary on the part of the driver.  A driver has no choice but to stop at a roadblock and to comply with the officer conducting the drunk driving investigation.  Evading a DUI roadblock or sobriety checkpoint will raise the suspicions of law enforcement that a driver has something to hide and may in some circumstances lead to an arrest for Obstruction.  Because of the great potential for abuse presented by such non-consensual police encounters, the Supreme Court of Florida has established very strict guidelines with the police must follow in conducting a DUI roadblock or sobriety checkpoint.  A failure of law enforcement to adhere to the guidelines presents fertile ground for seasoned Ft. Lauderdale DUI defense attorney  to have the stop suppressed and the resulting drunk driving charges dismissed.

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DUI Roadblock Guidelines

Law enforcement agencies are required to provide advance notice of the timing and location of DUI roadblocks or sobriety checkpoints to the public.  This information can often be found in the local newspaper or on the sheriff's website.  The Supreme court of Florida has stated that DUI roadblocks must be established and operated according to detailed pre-determined guidelines with regard to the selection of vehicles and the investigation techniques used so that very little discretion is left to the officers in scene conducting the DUI checkpoint.  If the police do not strictly adhere to the guidelines, if they are not able to produce the guidelines or if the guidelines are legally deficient, then a Ft. Lauderdale DUI attorney Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. should be able to have any evidence obtained during the illegal stop kept out of court and the resulting drunk driving charge dismissed. 

The Supreme Court of Florida has stated that adequate warnings and lighting must be present and that the length of the stop must be minimized.  If a driver was stopped at a DUI roadblock or sobriety checkpoint for longer than necessary or if there was inadequate warnings or lighting, then there may be valid grounds to have your DUI dismissed but it takes a skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney to identify when there has been a violation of their client's rights.

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If you were arrested for drunk driving in Florida at a sobriety checkpoint or a DUI roadblock, then it is important that you retain an aggressive and experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible.  You should never enter a plea of guilty in a DUI case without having an attorney who is experienced in the finer points of DUI defense advising you that a plea is your best option.  Police roadblocks and sobriety checkpoints present a myriad of issues which can only be identified and dealt with by an attorney who is seasoned in DUI defense. 

If you are being charged with DUI, then you must take an aggressive approach to your DUI defense.  To schedule a case evaluation with a knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorney, contact Quinn Law, PA today at (954) 463-0440.

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