Cannabis or Marijuana Possession

Cannabis or Marijuana Possession

Fort Lauderdale marijuana possession defense lawyer

While much of the country has enjoyed the end of "marijuana prohibition" with many states having seen the decriminalization and even legalization of marijuana or cannabis, in Florida possession of marijuana is still a crime and possession of over 20 grams is a felony.  Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. supports the decriminalization of marijuana and aggressively defends those who are being accused of marijuana offenses in Broward and Palm Beach counties. 

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Whether you were issued a notice to appear (NTA) for possession of a small amount of marijuana or you were arrested for something more serious such as possession with intent to distribute near a school, you need to take these charges very seriously.  Not only do marijuana charges come with the possibility of jail time, they could also threaten your academic and professional future as well as your driving privileges.  If you are being charged with a marijuana or cannabis offense, your number one concern should be keeping your record clean.  That is also the number one concern of criminal defense attorney Antonio Quinn when he is defending his clients against those types of charges

Possible Defenses in Marijuana or Cannabis Cases

The odor or smell or marijuana provides the police with probable cause to search a vehicle and this is how most marijuana arrests occur.  The police will often point to the smell of marijuana as a "catch all" in order to justify a search which would otherwise not be legally valid.  The fact of the matter is that many marijuana arrests are the result of illegal searches by the police.  It requires the analysis of an experienced criminal defense attorney to recognize when an illegal search has taken place and to fight for his client's rights in court.  Quinn Law, P.A. takes an aggressive approach when dealing with possession and trafficking cases.  The first evaluation is always going to be whether or not the police officer had the legal right to stop or search the client.  If a violation of a client's rights is discovered, Attorney Quinn will fight to have that case dismissed through a motion to suppress.  When you meet with Antonio Quinn, he will examine all aspects of the case against you for weaknesses.  Were you illegally searched?  Were you entrapped by the police?  Are the police seeking to charge you with intent to distribute when it is not applicable.

Marijuana Crimes in Florida

Aggressive, experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. represents individuals who are being charged with:

  • possession of cannabis under 20 grams (misdemeanor)
  • possession of cannabis over 20 grams (felony)
  • possession of cannabis with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of a school, place of worship, public housing facility
  • trafficking in marijuana or cannabis (possessing 25 lbs or more)
  • cultivating cannabis
  • distribution or selling
  • possession of drug paraphernalia
  • selling to a minor

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