Illegal Search and Seizure

Illegal Search or Seizure


Both the United States and the Florida Constitutions protect Florida citizens from unlawful search and seizure.  The police regularly violate the law when conducting searches because they know that most people are not familiar with their Constitutional rights.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TALK TO THE POLICE.  If the police are investigating you for a crime, you do not have to answer their questions.  As Miranda warning states:  "You have the right to remain silent and anything you say will be used against you in court".  It is most always advisable for a person to invoke their right to remain silent and their right to counsel at the moment that the police begin questioning them for a crime.  This is done by simply asking to speak with an attorney.  If the police are seeking a statement from you regarding a crime, it is crucial that you contact Quinn Law, PA as soon as possible.  Broward County Criminal lawyer Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. will represent you in all of your dealings with law enforcement and with state and federal prosecutors. 

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If you give the police consent to search your person or belongings, you will give up your right to challenge the legality of the search later in court.  The police can be quite bold in ignoring the Fourth Amendment Constitutional guarantees against unreasonable search and seizure because they know that the chances are slim that a person is going to retain an aggressive criminal defense attorney to safeguard their rights.  Criminal defense attorney Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. ensures that his client's Constitutional rights have not been compromised by an abuse of police power.  If the police have violated an individual's Constitutional rights, then a skilled criminal defense attorney should be able to have the tainted evidence suppressed from trial which will often lead to a dismissal of the charges.

WARNING:  The police can use deception to gather evidence.  It is not the job of the police to be fair or truthful with you.  The police are looking for evidence to use against you when they engage you in conversation and when they perform any kind of a search.  Promises made by the police are usually forgotten or deemed insignificant by the time  case reaches the courtroom. 

The police engage in unscrupulous conduct frequently.  If you feel that your Constitutional rights may have been violated, then you need to contact Quinn Law, P.A. right away for a case evaluation.  Criminal lawyer Antonio Quinn will always thoroughly research the issues and circumstances of your particular case in order to determine if evidence may have been obtained from you illegally.  If Attorney Quinn determines that your Constitutional rights have been violated then he will move to keep the illegally obtained evidence out of court

The Supreme Court of the United States has stated that if a person has had a traffic stop conducted without the police having had a reasonable suspicion that a traffic violation or other crime occurred, then their rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment have been violated.  If drugs or other contraband is discovered during such an improper search, then criminal lawyer Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. can move to have the evidence in your case kept out of court and likely get your case dismissed.   

If you were arrested as the result of having your person, vehicle or other property searched by the police or if you made a statement to the police in regard to a criminal matter then it is of the utmost importance that you call (954) 463-0440  schedule a case evaluation with Quinn Law, PA today so that criminal attorney Antonio Quinn can determine if your rights were violated. 

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