DUI License Reinstatement

DUI License Reinstatement

Broward County DUI Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Florida you should be aware that all DUI convictions carry with them a period of mandatory driver's license revocation as does a refusal to provide a breath sample.  If you have been arrested for DUI in South Florida, you need a knowledgeable and experienced DUI attorney who will fight to protect your driving privileges.  How long you are without a license can depend on a number of factors such as blood alcohol levels (BAL) and the number of past convictions, but what most people do not realize is that choosing the right attorney can also impact the duration of their license suspension.  Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney Antonio Quinn provides complete DUI defense and the clients of Quinn Law, P.A. are provided assistance in getting their driver's privileges reinstated by the DMV.

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Hardship Licenses in Florida

Did you know that if you have been arrested for DUI that you have less than two weeks after your arrest to file the paperwork required to contest your driver's license suspension?  Did you know that even though your license may be suspended that you may still be eligible for a "hardship license" which will allow you to drive to and from work?  DUI attorney Antonio D. Quinn stays up to the minute on all of the recent administrative changes in the area of DUI.

In order for you to have your license reinstated and in order for you to be eligible for a hardship license, you must present proof to the DMV that you are enrolled in a DUI school.  In Florida a conviction for DUI will always carry with it the requirement that the driver attend DUI school.  Quinn Law, P.A, will assist you in locating a qualifying DUI school convenient for you which will enable you to take the first step towards getting you driver's license reinstated. 

DMV Administrative Review Hearings

A driver is entitled to due process before his or her driver's license is suspended.  Because allowing a license to be suspended for refusing to take a breath test following an unlawful arrest would violate that right to due process, a DMV officer is required to review the lawfulness of the arrest before your license can be suspended.

It is of the utmost importance to retain a DUI attorney who has extensive experience in dealing with the DMV and more importantly in conducting formal review hearings.  Full reinstatement of your driving privileges will result if your attorney is able to achieve a successful result in a DMV formal review hearing.  At a formal review hearing your attorney will challenge the whether there was probable cause to believe that their client was impaired for the DUI arrest.  If the DMV hearing officer determines that there was no probable cause to believe that you were operating a vehicle while impaired, then under Florida law you are entitled to have your driving privileges restored while your DUI case is pending.  DUI defense attorney Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. has years of experience in handling formal review hearings and has encountered and dealt with all types of issues which commonly arise during DMV administrative review hearings.  If you want to have your driving privileges restored as fast as possible following your DUI arrest, let Quinn Law, P.A. put experience to work for you.

An experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive DUI defense attorney, Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. can move quickly and argue for full reinstatement of your driving privileges before the DMV.  Driving with a suspended license is a very serious charge and post-DUI license reinstatement can be confusing and frustrating.  Contact Quinn Law, P.A. today at (954) 463-0440 for an evaluation of your DUI case.

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