Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage

The divorce process can be an expensive, stressful, and emotionally charged thing for a person to have to go through.  Broward County divorce attorney Antonio Quinn makes it his job to minimize the unpleasantness of the entire process and he always strives to achieve the best result for his client that is possible in each given case.  Attorney Quinn knows how sensitive family conflicts can be and he always does his best to minimize the intrusiveness of the process for the divorce clients of Quinn Law, P.A.  The vast majority of the divorce cases handled by our firm are in Broward County and Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. is familiar with the all of the judges and with the local court rules of Broward County.  Not all divorces are necessarily contentious affairs.  If there are no children involved and the parties are in agreement on the division of property, then divorce lawyer Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. can handle the matter via a simplified divorce and a marital settlement agreement which will expedite the divorce case.  Broward divorce lawyer Antonio Quinn offers a free 30 minute consultation to potential clients who are either contemplating filing for divorce or are already a party to divorce proceedings. 

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Broward County Divorce Attorney

            Broward County divorce attorney Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. has experience handling all types of divorce cases.  The most emotionally charged divorce cases are those which involve marital children.  If you are getting divorced and there are children involved, then it is essential for you to retain a divorce lawyer who has extensive experience dealing with time sharing issues.  An unrepresented litigant in divorce court can be taken advantage of by their ex spouse if there ex spouse has retained an experienced divorce attorney and they have not.  Do not let a lack of an experienced divorce lawyer by your side affect your relationship with your children.   Quinn Law, P.A. offers free case evaluations in divorce cases so that potential clients can evaluate their options moving forward. In some cases there could be allegations of abuse or other serious matters which may affect child custody.  Florida courts determine custody or time sharing based upon what is in the best interests of the children.  There is a long list of factors which are applied by the courts to determine what is in the best interests of the children and sole custody can be awarded to one of the parents if the other parent is demonstrated to be unfit to care for their children by the court. 

         Most divorce cases in Broward County are ultimately resolved via the mediation process.  As long as the parties can come to an agreement regarding the distribution of property and time sharing if children are involved, then the mediation agreement can be filed with the court and ultimately included in the Final Judgment.   Divorce attorney Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. always strives to get each case to mediation as soon as is practicable in order to minimize the expense associated with litigating a divorce case.  Some divorce lawyers will purposely engage in extensive and unnecessary discovery procedures in order to maximize their billable hours.  Attorney Quinn is sensitive to the financial issues presented by the divorce process and he seeks to minimize the expense of a divorce and not to maximize it.  If you are facing a divorce in Broward County it is important to secure legal representation as soon as possible. 

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