Criminal Mischief and Vandalism

Criminal Mischief and Vandalism

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

Fort Lauderdale criminal mischief and vandalism defense lawyer Antonio D Quinn, Esq. protects the legal rights of those accused of vandalism or criminal mischief in South Florida.  Being arrested for actions such as spray-painting a stop sign as a prank, destroying or damaging another's property or creating graffiti can damage a person's future.  Depending upon the amount of damage, the location of the property and the type of property a person could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony for committing vandalism or criminal mischief.  It is critical to contact the criminal defense law firm of Quinn Law, P.A. immediately if you are being investigated for or have been arrested for a vandalism or a criminal mischief offense.  Swift action by a criminal attorney Antonio D. Quinn, Esq. can maximize the chances that your case is treated as a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

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Criminal Mischief in FL

In the State of Florida, criminal mischief is a misdemeanor exception meaning that a police officer does not have to personally observe the alleged vandalism in order to make an arrest.  If the total damage is valued at less than $1000 then the offense is considered a misdemeanor.  If the damage alleged to have been valued at more than $1000 the offense is considered a felony subjecting a defendant to up to 5 years in state prison.  If a person has a previous conviction for criminal mischief then the offense is treated as a felony regardless of the value of the damage. If $200 or more of damage is alleged to have been sustained by a place of worship, then the offense is also treated as a felony under Florida law.  Quinn Law, P.A. has extensive experience defending both adults and juveniles who are being charged with vandalism and criminal mischief offenses. 

Vandalism and Criminal Mischief Defense Attorney

Often individuals do no view an arrest for a vandalism or criminal mischief offense and fail to be active in retaining an aggressive attorney who will fight to protect their rights and their future.  Unlike assistant public defenders who are under constant pressure to clear their caseloads, Antonio D. Quinn Esq. gives each of his clients his undivided focus regardless of whether they are being charged with vandalism, criminal mischief or a more serious offense.  To schedule a case evaluation with one of Broward and Palm Beach counties top criminal defense attorneys contact Quinn Law, P.A. at (954)463-0440.

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