Client Reviews

Client Reviews

***** Posted by Kim on on Aug. 26,2014

 "Highly recommended.  Antonio is an excellent attorney!  I would recommend him to anyone     who needs legal help.  He is diligent and shows concern for his clients.  I would definitely use him again."

*****Posted by EBL on on Mar. 28, 2014

"A good outcome and a thankful family. It was so scary to have a close younger relative (I will call D) arrested on a Felony 1 charge, with the possibility of Life in prison.  To complicate it further, I live up North and didn't know where to turn.  I was given names of 4 attorneys, and researched and spoke with all of them.  Luckily and thankfully, I chose Antonio Quinn.  He immediately visited D in jail, obtained all the pertinent information on the case, shared what he was able to share, and both D and I felt we were in good hands.  Always professional.  Always responsive to my questions, even the silly repetitive ones, he was a consistent calming influence who proved he know his way in the court system.  He was able to have the Felony 1 Charge reduced to a Misdemeanor.  We are so thankful to him and feel he is giving D a chance at a better life.  I am so grateful we made the right choice."

*****Posted by Karen on on Jun 4, 2014

"wrong charge  My 16 year old son got into trouble, left school grounds when he wasn't supposed to, got arrested and was charged with something totally different.  As a parent I was going out of my mind, started researching lawyers on the internet and came across Mr. Quinn profile.  I immediately contacted him and made an appointed with him.  After our meeting a calmness came over, Antonio took the case and within a month and a half the case was dismissed.  I would like to that Antonio for the great work that he and his team did and would highly recommend him to anyone."

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